Three parts water and one part land .... this is the world we live in.

We live in a country where three oceans meet.

Yet we have serious scarcity of drinking water.

How tragically and literally the poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge is true – “water water every where, not a drop to drink…”

At the current pace of water consumption, the overall demand for water is expected to increase by 55% globally by 2050, with industrial demand increasing fivefold.

A group from Persia (now Iran), singing and praying for water settled in Sind, now in Pakistan during the Aryan migration, only to migrate again and settle in Rajasthan. Over time, their songs travelled far and wide creating a ripple… from Moghul Courts to Rabindra Sangeet, from Kirtan to Rock – creating a tool for protest and demand for pure water for all.

Our next project is to trace the origin of ‘Malhar’ and travel all the way to demands for clean water for all.

We are looking for a sponsor for this documentary that we hope will raise issues of concern and also be culturally very rich.

Eminent researchers, singers and educationists have extended their help for a successful documentary film.