The world is lonely without friends. We extend our helping hand to the differently abled.

Beyond Belief is a project meant to prove that people with physical deficiencies are also capable and able – differently able. The objective is to try and give them the dignity of life and provide them with succor to integrate them into the mainstream society in general. The mover of this project is Abhijit Das Gupta, a former Director of Doordarshan, Head ESPN and Bureau Chief WTN; and a multi award-winning documentary film maker. His Beyond Belief documentaries (Beyond Belief 1 to 5) have won more than a dozen International Awards.

Kolkata Sukriti Foundation has been organizing this unique event. Failing to find funds, it approached the largest NGO of the world – the Lions clubs International. And they supported us. In the series, physically challenged youths (without upper limbs, without lower limbs, visually challenged, speech & hearing impaired) are pitted against rugged nature, in teams that complement each other. The ensuing challenge sees these youths perform, sometimes way better than many a able-bodied person. They have triumphed in the arduous hilly terrain of Gorumara, they have pitted their skills against commandos in training, they have rowed in bamboo rafts from Haldia to Kolkata and climbed the hills of Sikkim, have done white water rafting and have always come out with flying colours. Beyond Belief has completed its sixth chapter this year,building on the successes of previous years. To reach greater heights and wider reach, we seek your support.

A few words...

Abhijit Dasgupta, who spearheads Kolkata Sukriti Foundation, says: “Our attempt is to make the disabled accepted by society through a series of programs. “I hear and I forget. I see and I believe. I do and I understand… It is doing that matters. It is unfortunate that many still consider the differently-abled as disabled. We have been using social communication as a tool by capturing their feats on camera and screening the films on television, in film festivals and educational institutions. I am fortunate to have a group of dedicated Doctors, social activists, The Rashtriya Life Saving Society, the Police – all giving active support.” The differently-abled participants in our expeditions are all from financially backward classes and their disability ranges from 65% to 100%. Despite their handicaps they are active in sports like football and swimming and many have played for the National team.