Preserving the Art and Cultural Treasures of Bengal

Bengal’s traditional Folk Culture is on the verge of getting lost forever. The original forms will be completely lost, while the ‘film copies’ or unkind modifications shall thrive.

"...Amartya Sen says "...culture could both be a means and an end to development... How many of us know our own folk dance or folk-song is a question I feel embarrassed to answer myself.”

Bengal is home to many living traditions including music and many folk performing art forms. Much of this heritage has been passed down from generation to generation through 'shruti’ (hearing) and ‘guru-shishya parampara’(guru to disciple tradition). However, many of the traditional art forms and practices (traditional music, dance, oral traditions) are fast disappearing and/or are being mutated into new forms. There was an urgent need to document and archive this vanishing heritage. Digital documentaries have become one of the most important means of preserving cultural expressions.

We approached the German Consulate in Kolkata and they were kind enough to give us a grant. Various vanishing folk performing arts can be seen and appreciated soon in a virtual museum...